Politics Can be So Uplifting

Locally, I am in a congressional district, the seat for which is being hotly contested.  And as you’d expect, the postal carrier is burdened with flyers etc., from both candidates, each telling the reader the opponent is nothing less that Satan incarnate, so vote for me.

All of these have gone to the recycle bag without a moments thought, but this one,

.. and this one,

..show me that on an intellectual level both candidates have hit bottom and continue to dig.  And frankly, all this is wasted on me; barring a dramatic revelation, I made up my mind in 2008 who I would cast my ballot for.

If slop  like this does truly sway voters, perhaps as someone recently said, the public may indeed have the insights and deep of thought as Homer J. Simpson.

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2 Responses to Politics Can be So Uplifting

  1. Mudslinging ads are soooo interesting. I already dread the next federal elections here as I’m afraid we’ll see some Quebec-bashing by proxy as most parties have little chance of getting seats here anyway…

  2. Worked with a Canadian (from Ottawa, I think) when in Japan, who would talk about Canadian politics a bit; doesn’t sound as if much has changed.

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