Quelle Surprise! (uck!)

Another Friday night and  wife unit is working late again, I, now son is gone, am left to my own devices.  Had thought about going into Arlington to an Irish bar I like, for some Guinness and Shepard’s Pie, but felt that would be a bit awkward.

Remembered I still have a couple of bottles of wine left, trod downstairs, see the 2 Chateau Lafitte ’91’s -nope they were bought shortly after son was born, and will be given to him one day (maybe graduation or first job?)  Then there’s the bottle of  Y’equem, also being saved- for something. Then found a small bottle that looked Ok, opened, went out on the front stoop to watch the evening pass, poured, drank and BLEEEECCH!

No, it wasn’t spoiled, it was if I had taken a sip of undiluted cola syrup.  God!  I am not a sweet wine person.  I should have known though from the bottle; sweet dessert wines are usually in bottle such as this.

See on the school webite son has landed a job as a Japanese-language tutor.  Gratified on one hand, but on the other, while son has excellent aural skills, his spoken Japanese is a bit on the たじたじ  side.

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