Dammit! -again

Its happened again;  something logged me out of my blog- no action of mine, and for a while I thought I could not recover.  A neighbor in fact, wrote that it appeared as if I had deleted the blog. 

As I wrote earlier, this seems to me this is WP artifact as there is a WP blog I have followed for a while and occasionally I find myself logged out having taken no action on my own!

Looks as though my brain will hurt over the weekend; an e-mail from the translation company to clear the deck for  the weekend.  Asked to see if I could get better lead time on when work may come, so I don’t sit in front of the PC all day waiting…. But was told that they hear nothing, nothing, nothing, then its hurry the hell up, hurry the hell up, dammit hurry the hell up, which is not unusual for large International Automobile Manufacturer #1.  That’s  pretty much how it treats its vendors- period.

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