Been a Really Early Morning

Had 2 J-E files to do, one a snap as it was just a Word doc, but the other, a 3-page PDF was a slog (again) as its not only translating but formatting as well.  Got the translating on that file done around 9:00ish last night and wouldn’t you know I then get an e-mail from the project leader asking if its done? Told him ‘yes’ in a way, but would send it the next day in the am as I need to review it and format which is done better when I am mentally fresher.

So planned to get up at 5ish or so, but wife unit left the stove timer on and the beeping woke me up 3 hours earlier.  Got the work done then- then fell asleep on the couch.

Doing this latest batch of work, I realize how short-sighted it was to throw away in a fit of pique the inter company phone book I had secreted out of Japan and all the business cards I had collected, for there were a lot of abbreviated worksite names and the materials would have been useful.  But it also brought a smile to the face as I remembered from the days back then about how inadvertently funny sometimes abbreviated worksite names can be.

Its a pretty common practice within Large International Automobile manufacturer #1 to do this; picking up the phone and saying 「第2車両実験部」is quite a mouthful, so there’d be an abbreviated form, known to all , in this case 24G.  But sometimes the abbreviations are,…well,  for instance there is the シャシー設計部,or shortened, シャ設 which because Japanese is so homophonic there is another, …erm, word pronounced the same way and, um…..The first time I think I used it, I was around a bunch of OL’s who gave me the ‘wash your mouth out with soap’ look.  Likewise with the shortened version of my own worksite. The full name was,設計管理部 or  as  commonly called,設管 and there is another meaning (not the same kanji) pronounced the same,  but which speaks to  tight leather, whips, spiked heels and such.

Who says Japanese can’t be fun. 😉

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