Goals Set, and…..

Wanted to do two things today. One was to follow up on a thought I have had since dropping son off in Ohio.  The town the school is in is small, like reeeal small, but it supports a MacDonald, and a Taco Bell. The student body is about 3,300 (yes, that small) plus faculty and staff, plus the locals.  So I thought if I can’t even get an interview in my field of endeavor, why not pick up stakes, move out here and run a coffee house by a large, national coffee chain?  And no, its not Starbucks.

So I went to the corporate site, inquired, and got a 門前払い that basically said, ‘no ,we are not interested’.  Went next to the professional networking site I am on, located a district manager and a sent note about opening a store there- no answer. Figured next, I’d call a store close by home, speak to the manager for a suggestion on how to get someone’s attention, was told to call corporate, which I did and was turned away.  I don’t get it.  In the end it might not make sense to invest in opening up a store there, but that I can’t even speak to someone to explain myself?!!!!!

The other was to go to the nearby library to look at one of the LSAT prep books.  Why?  When I was last at son’s school, during breakfast I struck up a conversation (do that a lot) with one of the servers, who happened to be a grad of the school’s School of Law (so why is she waiting tables?  She’s studying for the bar exam now) and the LSAT came up and was told it is different, which interested me as when I took it many years ago, I did very well on the case law part, but my downfall was the ‘spot the improper English part’.  Boy as the LSAT ever changed!  Basically is all about logical thinking, which is needed for law, but from what I have learned while I was employed, there’s much more to law than that and for that to be solely the gateway to law school……… Took a practice test which made me feel I had the brains of a low-IQ rabbit.

Plus it being chilly (have the heat on now, waay earlier than we should) and the gloominess.  Am doing more J-E translating and my fingers are becoming very used to typing out,  a c c el e r a t o r  p e d a l.  Have also and finally gotten the first check for the work I’ve done so far.

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2 Responses to Goals Set, and…..

  1. Aussie Emjay says:

    You would think a college town would be a great place for a coffee shop! It’s incredibly frustrating that you can’t get anyone to talk to you.

  2. I know, and I had at least 2 people who live there say the same thing! But as was said to me by my Japanese landlord of many years ago, when I would debate the goings on at Large International Automobile Manufacturer #1 while throwing pots, ‘B-san, it isn’t your company, so let it slide’ Likewise in this case.

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