This is What Brothers Are For?!


Son is in the middle of a weekend “adventure” at the moment. 

To set the stage, his school is located in the northwestern part of  Ohio and besides studying; he’s joined the school’s lacrosse club.  Now yesterday, the club had a scrimmage in Youngstown, Ohio, which is all the way on the other side of the state, and being that the team is a club, all 12 of them (which for those who are not familiar with lacrosse, is a pretty small squad) cannot use the university’s transportation. Either that or the football team got dibs on the bus.

Ok, now the stage is set.  Last night at about 8 pm, well after the sun set of course, cell phone rings, look and see its son calling. Parental senses kick in as a.) He’s not bothered to call yet, and b.)  At this time and on a Saturday night, I know he’s not calling because he longs to hear the sound of my voice.

So I answer with a wary ‘Hey, what’s up?’, and learned that he and another kid are stuck somewhere in the middle of Ohio as the other kid’s car has broken down.  Son wants to know if I can tell him what’s wrong with he car, but hey, its dark, they can’t see all that well and I sure can’t tell them much either.  Son also not much help as to knowing generally where he is.  My concerns are a.) Getting him off the road, and b.) To see that he has a place to stay for the night if the vehicle can’t be readily repaired.

Younger brother Pound Salt lives in the State of Ohio, in the eastern-middle part of the state.  So I call him and explain the situation and am told it sounds as if son is about 2 hours driving time away from his house, and  what is he (Pound Salt, that is)  supposed to do about it?  Ask him to call son, which he does and I then get a better idea of where son is, but he’s going to a steak dinner and as son is now a “man” he’ll figure things out for himself.  

Am very, very disappointed here.  Yes, son is on his own and yes, things like this are part of the learning process in dealing with life’s speed bumps; I’ve learned to rely on my wits too, but when I have had to do this, (like when I was stuck in Toronto, Canada for 3 days during the massive blackout on the East Coast a number of years ago) there was no family within a reasonable distance.   And Pound Salt has asked us to be on standby in case, when his sons were in this area on school field trips and had they needed to call, I would have dropped whatever I was doing, even dinner, and go a ‘running.

As for where son spent the night, he told me the driver of the broken down car had friends at Kent State University and they were picked up and spent the night there, which meant quite a backtrack from the area they were stranded at.  It being a Sunday today, can’t imagine the vehicle getting repaired and son’s plan is to catch a ride back to school with the other team members, who spent the night in Youngstown-which I will point out to son, he and the other kid should have stayed the night there too as all could travel together and had one vehicle broken down, the others would be there to help.

But Pound Salt has really pissed me off.

Postscript: Son’s adventure ended ok. I called him up the next day at around 11am to see how he had fared, got a grumpy, peeved son on the line, and told I had rudely woken him up (at 11 am?!), that he wasn’t seriously hurt, he had a ride back to school, so chill, Dad (the confidence borne out that things are now OK).  During the conversation, there was quite a bit of background chatter, some of it definitely high-pitched female chatter, which makes me wonder in just who’s room did he spend the night in? (but then his father -though unknowingly- spent a night where males were not supposed to be either; back in the day in Japan)

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2 Responses to This is What Brothers Are For?!

  1. mizunogirl says:

    It would have been nice for your brother to go help them out, but in the end it seems your son and his new friend got it figured out, and everyone is safe. I remember riding around in several of those patched up vehicles in college….

  2. Oh yeah, I agree thimgs seem to have worked out Ok right now and son is probably a wee bit wiser. Still, Pound Salt could have offered more help.

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