Bummed Really, Really, Bummed

The past few days of semi-hurricane weather probably hasn’t helped very much, but was/am in a particular funk.

Why?  Couple of things. One, a few months ago, the name of the HR person at large International Automobile Manufacturer #2 when I was there,  popped up on LinkedIn and figured I’d send an invitation to connect (like ‘friending’ someone on Facebook).  Time went by and no answers either way, so this person was disinclined to accept the invite offer.  But I noted yesterday that one of my contacts, who still works at Large International Automobile Manufacturer #2, is now connected to this person.  Worrying over trifles perhaps, but I still remember she gave me a good evaluation on my exit interview and thought we were on good terms.  Guess I burned a couple of bridges when I left.

The other was also on LinkedIn, a posting by the person who took my place in 2005 at large International Automobile Manufacturer #2, worked for 2 years, then left on his own for a small German OEM, was downsized a couple of years later, found a job with a second tier research firm and now announced he’s working for a  German OEM.  Chagrined that the position he took was one I should have applied for as well, but had shied away from as a lot of it was more environmental, and my portfolio is not as robust there; but then neither is his in that area. 

But I digress.  had a bit of translation work yesterday, not really challenging save for a couple of the names, one gave me a start as it is 大根, but not pronounced (I hope) as the veggie, but as Ohne.  Another thing is I wonder if there is an online dictionary of Japanese family names; did a Google search and came up empty-handed.  Not that most names are a problem, but even now there is the occasional name that is a curveball.

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One Response to Bummed Really, Really, Bummed

  1. Aussie Emjay says:

    I am soooooo glad I missed all that rain! Most of my garden is dead though so there must been a lot of dry weather also while I was away…..

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