Damn It,She did It Again!

Here we go again.  Last night was another installment in the continuing “Oh I can’t find (fill in the blank)!  This time it was the VISA card.  Looks and looks and looks, finally I have to call VISA to first confirm recent charges and then put a hold on both my card and hers as unlike American Express, VISA does not assign separate account numbers to joint accounts.

Well what do you think happened within 15 minutes of me placing a hold on the accounts?  She found her VISA card, tucked away in her wallet where it is supposed to be and were she supposedly checked a number of times before.

This is not the first time she has misplaced something important, and I am very tired of having to put whatever I am doing/enjoying on hold to deal with the latest episode; its like dealing with a small child.  And now I am thinking of a couple of options; a.) keep the hold on the credit cards for a while, b.) Release the holds but insist VISA issue a card to wife in her name with a separate account, or c.) lift the holds but cancel wife’s card as she can’t seem to take care of it responsibly.

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4 Responses to Damn It,She did It Again!

  1. Kyata says:

    Hi. Can’t she simply live with cash only, or maybe with checkbooks….? I wouldn’t mind that if that kind of thing happens to me more than once, because I would know that I can’t trust myself on that matter!

  2. That’s an option I suppose, but we’ve gone through several episodes of 財布みつからない。(Can’t find my wallet) too.

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