Translation, Pack Animals and Annoyances

Finished up another small translation piece about the continuing issue for a certain OEM. And in reading the entire document for context, saw a word kujuu (苦渋)that reminded me of a pet theory of mine that the Japanese language and the word use within it, reflects a culture that is a bit food-obsessed.  For instance I’ve heard the word mazui (まずい) used outside of eating or drinking to describe something bad or unpleasant. Likewise the opposite word, oishii I’ve heard used often outside of food or drink.

Have all the ‘stuff’ for this weekend’s trip to son’s college for Parent’s Day, which really is a day for parent’s to do a check up on their kids and bring along stuff that was forgotten or not thought about, or needed later.  Have quite a load as can be seen here, but the boxes are the books I am going to donate, so I cannot complain that loudly.  Think son will roll his eyes at the Dragon Ball Z bag his stuff is in (not my idea) when I bring it into his dorm.

One annoyance yesterday, the second car needed its annual VA state inspection and there were a couple of things needing attention; one the driver’s side door handle would not work and second, for  until yesterday an unknown reason, the engine would rev a 1000 rpm higher than its normal idling speed when I took the car out of gear.  That turned out to be an air flow meter gone bad and with the car a 1995, well, what can you say?  But the total cost approached $1,000 for all.  As I got the car from youngest bro. gratis, can’t/shouldn’t complain, but right now than kind of money is really, really big money.

The other annoyance I think is a Word Press one.  Saw I was logged out of my account and due to other reasons, I must log in in a rather roundabout manner, had a great deal of trouble getting a new password and logging back in.  This also happens on a regular basis to one Word Press-based blog I view often, and up to now, I had written it off as a Microsoft annoyance, but now I think this is a Word Press thing.

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2 Responses to Translation, Pack Animals and Annoyances

  1. mizunogirl says:

    It is a lot of stuff! The Dragon Z ball bag is sort of kitch-y and I am sure that other students have had similar moments….
    Very Annoying about the car. I really hate it when stuff like that happens because it isn’t cheap and usually you can’t go without the repair…so Good Luck with that!

  2. Yeah, son ‘appreciated’ me bringing the Dragon Ball Z bag into the dorm.

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