Speak English!

No, this didn't come from me, but from the wife unit.  art her work place, there are a number- not a majority, of Hispanics, including the team leader and as they work, wife unit complains they banter about in Spanish, much to her irritation.  This is America, speak English at the workplace is where she comes from.

She has pointed out that this affects work too, i.e., communication.  Well yesterday in a dist-up at work, a customer was upset over a cake ordered.  In the note section on the order form, was the comment, 'put roses on the left side of the cake'.  Well it was done, literally, one of the Spanish-speaking cake decorators literally wrote that on the left-hand side of the cake, with of course the customer who placed the order  getting upset.

Frankly though, I got a laugh out of it. and told wife unit that the cake decorator is not alone in being at fault, someone, her supervisor f'r instance, should have looked at the order form and the finished product before it was handed to the customer.


More translation over the weekend, but pretty simple stuff.

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2 Responses to Speak English!

  1. Emjay says:

    LOL – that's really literal isn't it. The customer should've said on the left side of the top….. sides of cakes are quite often decorated (like wedding cakes) so it makes sense to me.

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