In Translation: Names

One thing about Large International Automobile Manufacturer #1 is that it considers itself a very selective hirer.  And at least when I was there,  it would go out of its way not to hire locally -at least for male hires. So it has a  diverse employee base brings it people with different experiences and backgrounds, all molded into the LIAM1 # way.

So while there are an abundance of names like Kato, Ito, Hasegawa, Tanaka, etc. to run across there, I would when I worked there, also run across a name that had me go 'huh'?

As it was with the work I finished up yesterday.  There was one name I couldn't even begin to guess how to romanize and for a bit thought this actually might be a Chinese name.  Ask wife, she was stumped too and had to go to our kanwa jiten for direction.  Think I've got the name right, but it goes to show…



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