Bless This Mess

The visually unappealing goo inthe plastic container is a brainstorm of mine that has worked out nicely.

We have as we always have, Japanese cucumbers growing and always have an excess.  This year we also had some leftover nuka (translated as rice bran, but in this case It is the leftover lees from a pickling process) from some 奈良漬   we had (call me a  変な外人 if you will, but I do like奈良漬 ). So, I recall reading or seeing somewhere, about using it to make  home pickling and it has worked well; have some nice 一夜漬けnow to munch on.


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One Response to Bless This Mess

  1. caprandom says:

    Interesting! Saw something on the Food Network earlier today about pickling Chinese okra. Maybe I should look it up further.

    Have a nice day!

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