An Interesting Twist

Got an e-mail and then a call from a legal services girl/man Friday place, that a law firm in DC is looking for someone for Japanese document review and would I be interested.

I have seen similar elsewhere and told the recruiter I am not a barred attorney, nor even have a JD degree for that matter, but if the work is what I strongly suspect it is and that if the lack of the aforementioned is not an issue, then I am interested.

The pay is decent too; $50 an hour which is about what I was making per hour before leaving Large International Automobile Manufacturer #1 (though there were also the bennies; health insurance, 401k etc.).  The work also will only run until the end of the year and would require me to go into the city, something that I don't miss.

First the translation gig and now perhaps this possible gig.  Irony of ironies I'd say. Never thought my skills and experience would prove useful in this manner.


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8 Responses to An Interesting Twist

  1. Emjay says:

    Sounds like good things are coming your way – except for the metro rides of course! šŸ™‚ Though they are good fodder for posts……….

  2. pamik says:

    When I get a little more flexibility in my schedule I hope to do some work like that in Boston. I've heard it can be grueling, but it pays.

  3. An Ex-Expat says:

    Wondered if you were parrt of whoever they've collected to do this. Right now, the pace has been tolerable and no ridiclous deadlines like a firm in NYC has done.

  4. An Ex-Expat says:

    You've touched on some interesting aspects about our "beloved" Metro and public transportation in general.
    When I used it, from Dunn Lorring to Metro Center, the round trip costs, including parking per day were about $9.50. Even with the crappy infrastructure for entering and leaving the city by car, there was no way in the world I would burn that much on gasoline every day. In short, it was and I think still is cheaper (especially given the recent fare hikes) to commute in and out by car. Its also ridiculous to charge 'peak' fares during the time it is used the most; you want an incentive to people to ride during those times, not a disincentive.
    Metro could augment its costs by allowing more in-car advertising, but the chances of the happening probably are about as high as me hitting the Powerball tonight.
    Last is a more general issue, paying for it. In Japan it is customary for the employer to pay for the employee's commuting, usually a discounted monthly rail pass (which Metro doesn't have) or in lieu of that, a monthly ration for gasoline based on the number of kilometers travels to and from. I never looked into it but I am sure the employer writes that off somehow to offset other taxes.
    Infrastructure, at least for our "dear" Metro is another point. From my experience in Japan, nearly all bus line spoke out from a train station. Not so with Metro as the bus lines seem to touch on some stations on the way to somewhere else. In other words, this bus system is not designed to channel passengers onto the trains.
    And last, yes, last is the service the poor souls who ride the metro must endure. There is nowhere near the same level of professionalism the operators of Japanese subways & trains show. The trains/subways stop so exactly at a given station that the spots at which the door will open are marked and I remember grumbling when the driver might occasionally miss the mark by a few centimeters.
    Spoiled? You bet!

  5. pamik says:

    I had an offer to get in in on it but I passed. If things had geared up earlier in the summer I probably would have done some.

  6. An Ex-Expat says:

    Yeah things were a bit slow in ramping up.

  7. Emjay says:

    Oh yes – I absolutely object to the new peak of the peak hour charge! Talk about being penalized for having to get to work!! Not a happy (metro) camper am I this week! We don't own a car but my company is considering moving further out when our lease is up – I might have to consider getting a little car then…. I'm already commuting nearly an hour morning and night – it might be nice to ride in a car by myself with my music loud! I would miss the reading time though!

  8. An Ex-Expat says:

    Either that, or move out to Northern VA. Think you might like the area bewteen courthouse to Ballston

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