In Translation II

After a bit of a wait, more work came in yesterday with a pretty generous deadline of Monday. 

The content is not that hard, but I find I really have to concentrate on putting myself 'back there' to figure out what is being conveyed.  My guess is that this has led to a succession of some very weird dreams revolving around Large International Automobile Manufacturer #1 and characters I know who work there.

This time I have PDF's to work on and am asked to create a text box, put the English in that and then move it over the corresponding Japanese; with no border and in a certain font and size.  A bit cumbersome or I am not working as smart as I should.


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2 Responses to In Translation II

  1. Katiebell says:

    I hate work dreams. After a succession of several small children with things stuck in ears and noses this week I dream I was stuffing paper in one child's ears as part of a treatment….ugh!

  2. An Ex-Expat says:

    Funny thing is, I don't recall having such dreams when employed by LIAM #1. hHave always wondered why kids feel they need to stuff things up noses, in ears etc.

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