In Translation, First Day

Went through 3 files, short ones as far as Japanese content goes, yesterday and discovered a bit of a unpleasant surprise.  The $35 per hour compensation is for those working on this project translating Excel documents, which I wasn't doing.  So, I get .09 per English word, which given the brevity of the documents I worked on yesterday, may not amount to much, but hey, its $$.

The work was enlightening as I got a quick glimpse into the crux of the matter and interesting as having been there, it was easier I think for me to 'get into' the writer's head so to speak to render the content into English; a very necessary thing I believe for good translation work in any language.

Checked early this morning to see if any other documents are now waiting -I'm much more mentally 'with it' in the am than I am later on in the day- but saw none.

Son is sleeping soundly, so I am guessing he'll be in much better shape today, without the Ricodin.

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One Response to In Translation, First Day

  1. Emjay says:

    Sorry it's not quite as much ($) as you'd first believed. I'm way better mentally in the mornings than the afternoons too.

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