Of PC’s and the Martyrdom Complex

I think son is  one of those kids who just has to learn things the hard way. Yesterday, his laptop was infected by a malware program, similar to what I've seen smit malware do; hold your PC hostage until you pay $$$ to learn how to remove it.

He first wouldn't  believe me that you don't have to download anything to get this; you just need to go to any dodgy site and….. Also couldn't believe his security software wouldn't work nor that he couldn't get into the safe mode to remove the offending program manually (silly boy, do you think the person who wrote that malware is stupid enough to allow you to activate your anti-virus software?!)

Much dramatics and meltdown (that again, he doesn't get from me) Suggested he go to the Geek Squad ($130) or call ONU's IT (he's a student now so…) but he stayed surly and finally told him playing the martyr is very boring and if he doesn't want my advice, then figure it out yourself; which he did actually after hogging this PC for 3 hours. He found instructions of how to get rid of the malware. Question is, will he take my warning about going on to dodgy sites to heart now?

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One Response to Of PC’s and the Martyrdom Complex

  1. Some people learn first time around, some a little longer. Parents are always the last person they listen too, but eventually…

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