Look Before One Leaps

Saw a job posting on a government affairs job board that intrigued.  Its for an executive position for a sporting association in Maine.

"Hmmm… thought I."  Its in Augusta, the state capital, so figure the association is extensive. And while the winters there are definitely long and cold there, housing prices (looking at a Remax site) seem pretty decent; some very nice houses going for just a fraction of the price they would command here. The change of scenery and lifestyle from what we have/must endure might be very welcome too. And hey, with son soon to depart, there's no real reason to stay here, outside of saving myself the inconvenience of packing up, moving and then unpacking.

Spent the morning drafting a first cut of a cover letter, outlining how my skills and experience dovetail with the job scope in the announcement.  Then I decided to look first at Google Earth for the association's location and then the association's website.

From what I could see, it seems at first blush at least, that this is a pretty small operation staffed by one executive and one staff person with a governing board of maybe 8 people. The executive is looking to retire and through the job announcement, looking for a successor. 

Not sure now about applying for the job, but at least drafting the cover letter was a good intellectual exercise.

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6 Responses to Look Before One Leaps

  1. pamik says:

    Augusta may be the state capital but there's not a lot going on up there.
    It would certainly be a different lifestyle from where you are now.

  2. An Ex-Expat says:

    Thanks. From what I could gather, yes indeed life would be much, much different. A plus, I could probably drive the posted speed limit for a sustained period, most of the time.
    Perhaps Google Earth isn't up to date, but the association's address appears to be some sort of local eating place. That would be different from what I am used to too!

  3. caprandom says:

    Have to admit that it sounds intriguing, although I would be kind of put off by the relative size of the operation.
    Still, like you say, nothing wrong with drafting a letter and see where this goes…
    And from what little memories I have of Maine going there in the summer, it is definitely a more serene pace.

  4. An Ex-Expat says:

    Younger brother, Pound Salt added his 2 cents worth, telling me that in Maine, those who pass on during the winter months are not buried until spring as the ground is too hard in the winter to dig.

  5. pamik says:

    Same is true here in northern NH and I'll bet in Vermont as well. Winter in northern New England is not for the weak hearted or those lacking a good deal of common sense. The climate is too harsh for that. And winter is from about October to May. Halloween costumes have to fit over parkas.

  6. An Ex-Expat says:

    And I'll bet most homes have in addition tothe lawnmover, a snowblower.

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