Would You Freakin’ Believe?!!!

After yesterday's post, I got curious about my former calligraphy teacher, under who I studied for maybe 8 or 9 years.  His name, or at least the name used in the world of 書道is 山根閑山.  He had his class in his house in the southern portion of Nagoya and I would dutifully trek there by train every Wednesday evening.

He was in his 80's when I studied under him and thought well; he's probably passed away many years ago.  But no, at least as far as some Google hits go, he's still quite alive at 103.  No information though on whether he's still actively involved in his art.

Below is from a practice book of 見本's he wrote out, that I dutifully (again) copied out over and over again until he thought I had mastered the techniques enough for me to go on.  I have somewhere in this house pieces of my calligraphy work, but can't seem to find them yet.

What does this say?  These were originally Chinese mottos, which I used to know as 山根先生 would explain to me what they meant after he wrote each of them out.


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2 Responses to Would You Freakin’ Believe?!!!

  1. minasaki says:

    Gday. As I was working this afternoon, something reminded me of my childhood memories with my mother about 山根閑山先生. I became curious of what is written about him in the internet. (As my mother was his student until his passing. He passed away several years ago). I googled to reach your blog post. In the scanned picture, I can recognise his writing style. I liked his seal style (篆書体 – tensho tai). (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seal_script). As for the meaning of the scripts, the full writing is 似蘭斯馨(1) 如松之盛(2). It translates something like – “Images of a decent person (this part is not included in the writing) (1) s/he has the scent of an orchid and (2) s/he is vibrant as a pine tree”.


    • Boy, talk about out of the blue! I ws his studnet for a number of years until my employment @ Toyota made it impractical do continue. I awalys liked have a bowl of 抹茶&万寿 after each lesson. I at times regret I did not continue with お習字

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