The Gift that Keeps on “Giving”

The phone rang about 2 hours ago; caller ID displayed "Unknown Caller" so I just let it go.  A voice message was left, from a private investigator it turned out for a NYC law firm, wanting to speak to me about the issues large International Automobile Manufacturer #1 is now dealing with.

Wife told me to leave it, but I called back because this law firm would most likely keep calling and calling and then in the end, they'd get pissed and serve me with a subpoena , compelling me to talk, so my thinking, get it over with quickly and move on.

As expected, they are looking for a smoking gun(s) around the greater issue, which I cannot provide.  I wasn't there that long and as I realized while speaking with this person, while the team was small, we were pretty much siloed in our areas of responsibilities and did not go into a whole lot of detail about each other's work.

So after some general questions, we ended the call.  Son was grinning at this and told him this most very likely will not be the last time I am contacted over this.


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