212 777 3547

That was the number showing on my cell the other day. Funny, but there is no one in NYC I know, or rather who I would want to speak with.

Answered and on the other end was a man with a terrible  command of English, so bad that I said I was ending the call.  My spydy senses telling me that if the call was legit, there'd be someone on the other end more professional and who could communicate with me.


Still, I got curious and Googled the number (something learned from son) and found that the number is linked to a scam.  Pity that there are people, gullible, desperate or just plain greedy enough to be hooked by scams such as these.

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3 Responses to 212 777 3547

  1. Emjay says:

    As my family are the only ones with my mobile number I never answer it if I don't see their number on the screen. My kids only ever text me anyway – their texts say "ring me".. LOL. (In Australia you don't pay for incoming calls only calls you make).

  2. An Ex-Expat says:

    You're right, shouldn't have answered it to begin with as like you, the only ones who should know my cell phone number are family and a few freinds. Would you believe a call came yesterday from the same number?! Did not bother to pick up.

  3. Waterbaby says:

    Whenever I've gotten numbers like that, I google first, don't call second.

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