Told You

Yesterday son & I got around to ordering his laptop for school. Spec-wise,  the laptop is  a bit muscle bound; loads of memory, superduper batteries, etc., but then this laptop is supposed to last him for the 4 years he'll be in college so a little extra now is better than having to upgrade later.

The cost, including shipping was a bit over $800 which made me gulp a bit.  Son then chose to tell me that his now ex-bus buddy is required by his university to buy a Mac, which son told me, has set this kid's parents back by $1,200!

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4 Responses to Told You

  1. Waterbaby says:

    I'm a hardcore Mac-er from day one as you know and your posting compels me to tell my story. I bought my (this) Powerbook in 2004. I did my homework and knew I was getting a quality product. I was also paying more than I'd ever paid for a computer before. Did I cringe? You bet ( even though at the time I had a good job and decent income). Six years later, I sit here with the SAME laptop, which has NEVER given me a problem — and believe me, no one puts computer longevity and stability to the test like I. The only "fix" it has needed since 2004 is a new hard drive after 3 years, the normal lifespan of hard drives. Moral is: Though "expensive" at the time, this laptop has paid for itself a million times over already. You get what you pay for.

  2. Emjay says:

    I'm with Waterbaby. My mac laptop is slightly younger than hers and has only had a couple of little things go wrong. The manservant is also a Mac-er – he would not trust his science to anything else now (he originally used Sun machines).

  3. An Ex-Expat says:

    To both of youse 😉

    I'm not going to join the Mac vs. PC debate as its like the old sake debate as to which, dry or sweet is the best sake. There isn't any real answer. I can say that I just don't have the visceral, knee jerk reaction son has when the Mac word is uttered
    Macs do have their strong points. I like that there is very little virus or malware written for Linux -perhaps as a backhanded insult to overall market share. But at the same time, from my limited experience, I find the word processing program for example, less robust than Word (though I think there is a Mac version of it)
    I like the new integrated desk top Macs for the unclutter they have, but a big turn off is that what you see/buy is what you get. No switching out memory chips for example, to upgrade your system and if one thing goes wrong, the whole unite needs replacing whereas with the PC, again, its just swap out the part if its cost-effective to do so.

  4. Waterbaby says:

    Word for Mac has long been available. And good point about viruses.

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