Mid Summer Ritual

Got my property tax bill in the mail yesterday, no not the one for the house we live in as that of course is paid out of the escrow tacked on tote mortgage payment, which BTW has driven the monthly payments up from 1700 a month back in 1998, to 2100 now.

This is for property I inherited now some thirty years back.  Its land which was part of the farm an uncle had, and that he passed on to me; land that I own outright.  Its not much, about 50 acres of wooded land and cultivated land and the property taxes are pretty minimal, right now about a measly $250.00 per tax year.

So what do I hear after I comment that the tax bill is due again?  Why are we paying so much for land that is not worth very much?  Its irritating as a.), as the saying goes, land is something not made in great quantities anymore, b.) no, even though its located  between the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, its off the 'main beat' so to speak and thus not that valuable or of interest to a 'developer' (I loathe that word), c.) While money is tight here, the amount this money comes to isn't even a tenth of the property taxes we need to pay here. And last, in a true pinch, I can always put a trailer on the property (that'd be classy) and live out of there.

There may come a time when the next time complaint about the taxes and why I continue to hold on to the land will trigger a mild explosion.


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