There’ll be Something Missing

Yesterday I was reminded me that went son goes there'll be less comedy around the house.

First as we were about to go out to look at laptops, Son looks at me and says, "You are not going out looking like that'. 'Say what?!!'

I had on a normal pair of shorts, the cuff (??) of which stopped a couple inches above the knee that were offensively short for son. As I recall, a girl who was in elementary school with me waay back, commented on a picture I shared with her a couple of years ago, that I had great looking legs, soo 😎 .

The other offensive item was a T bro Pound Salt  pressed on me, that son said was red necky. There, I can see his point. I only wear the thing inside the house or as an undershirt. Upshot, changed clothes, put on some tattered jeans and my bright red, loud Hawaiian shirt.

Also discovered just how much  son hates Macs. He commented yesterday that another reason why he is glad he did not select one of the school in VA he was accepted to was that he learned incoming students must buy a Mac Pro.  So, I asked him if he was an incoming freshman to Harvard and had to buy a Mac, would he refuse to go? 'Yes', was his answer. Go figger.

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2 Responses to There’ll be Something Missing

  1. Emjay says:

    LOL – I often look at the manservant and ask "is that what you are going to wear?"…. in winter he does not put trousers on until it gets below 30 degrees – he would wear shorts year round if that was the lowest temp. The old neighbourhood ladies ask me all the time "don't his legs get cold"… he's a bit of a talking point in our neighbourhood because of what he wears. He will wear one long sock and one short sock too – when I mention that they are odd he says "they're both white". He's a scientist – what can I say. LOL.

  2. An Ex-Expat says:

    Actually he shares one thing with son. Son too will not put on trousers until the mercury dips pretty low. And I've seen kids (usually girls) here in mid winter going to school with bare feet and flip flops.

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