Census Stuff

At the start of round 2, we were told by our crew leader, who I assume was told by his supervisors, to  really put some hours into the work we would be given as there was much to do and to show how capable the team is for a 'get in' to round 3 of the census.

So with that, I was out everyday save yesterday, (not that religious, but I can see myself on the other side and not appreciating a knock on the door by a federal employee on Sunday) and got everything done and signed off on.

Well, turns out that at least on Saturday evening, it was very unclear if there would be anymore additional work (employment) for us!   Sheech! And I had just gotten the tacky day glo orange vest I had asked for at the outset (in round 1, my route had me walking on some very heavily traveled roads, so) of this round.  Son says I should keep the thing, but reminded him that small as it is, it is government property.

Also had to sign, or re-sign one of the many federal employment forms, one I knew I signed initially, that I signed again at the beginning of last week, and then signed again on Friday after being told it needed to be back-dated (wasn't told that).  As to a reason 'why', was told a bit sheepishly that the local office had to hire 700 people in one week's time so, mistakes were going to happen. Maybe, but ….


PS:  Am told as of today(7/13) the gig is done and I am to turn all of my stuff, the offical bag, car placard, ID in tonight, which I'll be paid for time and mileage to do so.



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