Do I Really Have to Go Out?

Guess I do if I want to be paid and the temps don't seem to set to drop anytime soon.  Smart thing will be to pack a cooler with some very chilled water while I go about my rounds.

Our training or retraining was mercifully short.  Most stuff was about recoding and emphasis on things such as not ever to open a residential mailbox or even a storm door in order to knock on the front door.

Wide discrepancy in case load.  I have all of 15 cases while another got at least 100+ cases. Will be going much further from home this time, about 30 minutes away by car.  Near the end of the training, the crew leader pulled me over to tell me that due to my handwriting, he had to rewrite all of my case forms.  Ouch!!!  My handwriting does leave much to be desired and I did make an effort to enter data so the computer could read the case sheets, but whoaa!

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3 Responses to Do I Really Have to Go Out?

  1. Waterbaby says:

    What's the mileage reimbursement, something like 40 cents?

  2. An Ex-Expat says:

    I believe its actually 50 cents a mile.

  3. Emjay says:

    Ouch about your handwriting. Mine is pretty bad but then I get to type everything so no-one really complains. I'm sure it's because of the many years of typing that my writing has declined – not enough practise.

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