The Difference a Cold Front Makes



Yep, very, very nice right now, nice enough to keep the inside temperature cool by opening the windows.  This break from the heat will help with the coming electric bill too.  But our local weather folks tell us all this comfort is short-lived; we will be in the  throes of the high 90's again by the weekend.

Went shopping, mall-cruising yesterday to start on  stuff for school. First stop was Dr's as a sheet needs to be filled out on immunizations. Glad I decided to do it now instead of when son would have probably done it (2 days before move in) for he needs a TB test and perhaps other immunizations. Due to him being born in Japan, he'll probably turn a positive on the TB test as children are given what's called a BCG (as explained by my aunt the Dr.) which exposes them to the virus as a form of vaccination. The U.S. doesn't do this.  So I 'm ready for the questions I expect to cope with.

Then off to a mall to check out the 2 phone companies, Verizon & Sprint, which have good phone service where he'll be. If son is in the right spot and the weather is right  at school (I'm not exaggerating) he has reception with our AT&T service, which is not acceptable, so….. Was really weird walking about mid-day, with mostly Jr/high school girls cruising the mall or mothers with their daughters, so with all the estrogen about, son I and I decided to use what was left of a couple of gift cards and do the proper guy thing; go into a place to get some burgers. Sat at the bar (no alcohol for son and for me on general principle, I don't start drinking at 3 pm) to watch the sports stuff.

Have had a bunch of back and forth with school about his course of study. The school wants him to take college algebra and he has done that in high school and gotten good grades. His SATs though triggered this.  He will take the higher level math course he wants.  He also did not opt for Japanese language and I am a bit disappointed as I have told him if he doesn't use it he'll lose it and right now, thanks to his mother being around, he's got chances to use it every day.  His reasoning is that the school only offers beginning and intermediate classes and he's too advanced for that.  I beg to differ. While he's probably beyond a beginning class, the college has 3 levels of intermediate Japanese classes and his high school advanced class may just be at the intermediate level in college.

Then off to Staples for stuff for his dorm room. Suspect there will be other forays like that with increasing frequency as move in (late August) comes nearer.

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5 Responses to The Difference a Cold Front Makes

  1. Emjay says:

    Oh yes – I'm loving this cooler weather! People on the metro had cardigans on this morning! Not me though!!
    I have the thermostat in the house set on 76 to keep the electricity bill as low as possible. Any higher than that is impossible to sleep in as the upstairs bedrooms run about 5 degrees warmer.

  2. An Ex-Expat says:

    That's about what the thermo in this house is set to as well. The door to the deck is left open, much tot he delight ofg the dog who can come and go as she pleases.

  3. Waterbaby says:

    Lol, for perspective, we're forecast to ascend into the throes of the high 60's under, what else, cloud cover by the weekend. BTW "… and for me on general principle, I don't start drinking at 3 pm" — what's that about?!? – lol

  4. An Ex-Expat says:

    That is 3 pm is too early for alcohol.

  5. Waterbaby says:

    lol, I know that. Again, it was playful humor.

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