Another Road Trip Done

The four days away for son's freshman orientation are behind us (along with a lot of road.  Have some concerns about his school schedule a question about donating my books on Japan/Asia to the school library and financial aid, but other than that, I think we are set for check in September.

Stayed at Aunt's the first night and went out to dinner (the photo of Son and her reminds me of 2 cats watching a bird)

and listened to her bemoan a bit that the grown step-daughter of one of my cousin has taken in a man who is 'in search of himself'- for the past 2 years.  Told Aunt  its probably some sort of latent mothering complex kicking in (among other things).

Next morning was the dreaded breakfast, and sure enough the milk in the fridge was 8 days past the sell by date on the jug. Son wanted to sneak out and eat elsewhere, but I told him that would greatly hurt Aunt's feelings, to which he replied "yeah and the food she has will hurt my stomach.  He's learning the fine art of comeback.

I made the supreme sacrifice and had some with some cereal, also of a questionable sell by date. Son just had some breakfast bars.  Aunt  still has her JAMA journals etc., scattered about as well as freebies from drug companies. Kept asking her about the name of the drugs on the product and after a while she snapped that if this was 'confusing' me she'd whatever.. She may be about to break the 90 barrier, but she's still knows her stuff and is mentally sharp.

At the school I stayed at the only hotel in town and son stayed in a dorm.  We had separate sessions the next day, some content overlapping. One thing of note is that by 2011, all college book stores must list the IBSN # of the book they sell so that students have the opportunity to look for alternative and cheaper sources for textbooks. Another  take away was part of the parental anxiety of sending their child off, away to school is that the child will not be the same one sent as the one who returns.  A bit painful to think about I know, but that's one reason why I am glad Son is going so far away.  If he comes home, opens the fridge and asks if we have any pop, I'll know he's changed. There was also a 'You're a helicopter parent if..' thing we parents got; of significance as Bro  Pound Salt continually accuses me of being,.  Didn't see anything on the list that applies to me….  Am surprised at how quickly the school wants payment for the first term- ulp!


After it was all over son & I met up and asked him what we shall do for the evening, was told he was going out with a group of incoming and returning kids somewhere. He freakin' ditched me, leaving me to figure out what to do in a town that offers all the diversions a half a block (if that) at Balston, VA does!  After meandering about 'town'  stopping here,


















and here,











winding up in the hotel restaurant sipping a Mohito (I was asked if I wanted Sierra Mist mixed in with it!!!!).


Getting beyond being miffed,  Son did show a lot of grown upness in leaving me to my own devices as these are the kids he'll be going to school with, living and eating with. Perhaps his true calling is not engineering, but something else?

That he'll be in a mix of kids, brought up a topic on the trip back home that had Son in stitches laughing.  Told him I will probably include a box of condoms  in his gear for school. Not as a go forth and soweth thy wild oats,, but that he'll no longer be at home and hey, anything can happen; I sure don't expect him to remain a virgin and I have told him before, he's way too young to be a father, nor the other party that has to agonize, and live with for the rest of their lives, a decision to abort a fetus, nor mess things up with STDs.  He should sort this out for himself?  Maybe, but as we were walking inside the student center, Son ahead of me, he passed a brunette, perhaps a junior helping out with orientation, and as son passed by purrred; 'Heeeeey K+++++'.  Son's response, a flustered, 'Oh, hi'.  And after the 'Who is she and how does she know you? For me, I thought for an instant about history repeating itself. You see my grandmother who graduated from same school on 1904, met the man who became her husband, my grandfather at same school; he graduating in 1911. Hmmmm.

In the very brief moment I had a chance to check e and voice mail, I learned I had a call from an organization I had applied to.  Called back and learned a former colleague had written a very nice letter about me- which I did not ask for or expect.  Was told initially that the job was not seen as a good mix- that it was too junior for me in scope and in pay.  Did persuede to keep my resume in the turnip pile of other candiates. We'll see, but that the best I've done in a long, long time.  One of the first things I did when I got home was call this ex colleague to thank him (left voice message). 

The Census called too. Called back and was asked for a code. 'A what?!' I said. Surely this must be a joke, but found it written on the wall calendar and then was asked if I wanted more work. Sure, but with our government doing silly stuff like that, who needs Comedy Central?

The morning of the trip back, son decided to show up at the hotel to take advantage of the between shower and the free breakfast.  CNN was on and while we were eating there was 'coverage' of Michael Jackson's one year passing.  Given how far removed we were from "everything" the talking head might as well been broadcasting from one of Jupiter's moons for all the relevance it had  I hate McNews as it breeds McThought, McConsciousness and McPassivity.

The pound hell for leather one day trip back was pretty uneventful save for something we saw in Maryland on I 68.  There were about 5 trooper vehicles around a rusty hippy van that had passed up miles and miles before.  Taking a great leap here, but I'm think an officer spotted the van perhaps seeing the license plate was dodgy or something else minor, pulled the vehicle over and….  Have always thought that doing one's own thing is fine, but if you don't want to be hassled, don't do things that beg for it.

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4 Responses to Another Road Trip Done

  1. Emjay says:

    The movie house is really quaint – the movie is at least this year's. The music hall is lovely. What's a helicopter parent?

  2. An Ex-Expat says:

    From Wiki: "Helicopter parent is a colloquial, early 21st-century term for a parent who pays extremely close attention to his or her child's or children's experiences and problems, particularly at educational institutions. "
    Can't believe today's heat. passed over Keyser's Ridge in Western MD yesterday, where it was a balmy 82 with a good breeze.

  3. Emjay says:

    Oh thanks for the definition – I had no idea. Yes the heat is pretty intense – I can't believe I went out in it for any time at all yesterday. My outdoor thermometer says 102 at the moment (2.40pm) – I'm staying close to the a/c and some iced water!

  4. Waterbaby says:

    Emjay – Move to the western Pacific Northwest. You'll never complain about heat again!!

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