What to Do With Her

Son & I went to lil bros. house, actually our mother's house, to take care of some yard work lil bro cannot do.  Choose a nasty day for it, temps near 100 and was very glad we brought along water to keep ourselves hydrated.

I collected most of the remaining pieces of Asian art my mother inherited including this out-of focus carved ivory figurine.  



What I have run up against is trying to find a qualified person to appraise the artwork I now have. Not that I am looking to some hidden nugget of great value. I want this appraised to help me decide if I should upgrade the homeowner's policy.  I've contacted public and private galleries, the local Asian Society and even my insurance agent for a referral and zilch.

Since the figurine is small enough to easily carry, I plan to take it into town to the Slacker Gallery to see if there is someone who can give me an idea of what it is (yes, its ivory, and carved in Japan).

Today, its a road trip to son's college, with a stop at an aunt's.  I am looking forward to eating out as this aunt, who rarely cooks, has a habit of keeping perishable and non-perishable food …well longer than she should.

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One Response to What to Do With Her

  1. Katiebell says:

    She is lovely! I have a few items from japan, that my Grandmother bought when she and Grnadpa traveled there…but nothing as charming as this lady!Take a look at Antiques roadshow, not to determine the worth, btu to see who might be an expert in Asian pieces!!

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