Quartet in F Major, K 158: Mozart -Quartet in C Major, D 32: Schubert

The selection for the last performance son will play in the quartet he now belongs to. Come September, he'll be far away in college.  Have vid clips, but while I'll admit I've got a case of 親ばか, I am not besotted enough to put the clip up here.  No, they weren't dreadful, but they did not move me to tears either.

We discussed with him what to do with his musical experience once he gets into college. His mother wants him to try out for the orchestra. His uncle, Pound Salt says he ought to get some classmates together, learn to play country music, then go out to local bars and make $$$$$$ playing on weekends. This brother also suggested I buy the local movie theater (for sale at 325K I believe), and when I pointed out that business in the summer would be very slack, he said I could show porn for those months; as they say, you can pick your nose, your friends, but not your family.

But I've gone astray here.  Son for his part doesn't want to do violin in college for now as he's not sure if he'll have time for it.  A surprisingly reasoned decision on his part and that I respect. At the same time, I have told son he should not drop his musical experience here.

Besides gaining knowledge, another point of attending college is to widen your circle of  friends, for you never know when a fellow alum may be able to help you or you them. Participating in some violin related activity in college will do that.  Second, while I can't quantify it, playing an instrument, particularly a classical musical instrument, somehow tweaks the synapses for the better, particularly for engineering.  I might also add that the group of people who broke the Imperial Japanese codes in WWII was the band from one of the sunken battleships at Pearl Harbor; apparently training in music makes one more adept at code-breaking.

Last, because despite his passive resistance, he's good at it.  He's got long slender fingers from his maternal grandfather, that easily wrap around the violin neck, and he's got a very good ear; he can faithfully play back nearly anything you throw at him. Hs downfall is that despite doing this since 4th grade, he does not read music as well as he should, a reason why his teacher told me (and later I told son) he's not been 1st violin.

All that aside, he is on notice he's taking his violin with him to school.

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