Not Quite Finished

Thought I was done with the Census, but nope.  Got a call out of the blue from, the local office, asking if I was still employed by the Census.  Well, arm I was told to turn in all of my stuff sooooo.  Then asked if I spoke Japanese. Yep, that I do I answered.

Turns out there were two cases that a Japanese=speaking census worker was need.  Couldn't go an visit as my ID  etc.,  is no longer in my possession, so I made 3 calls at varying times, leaving messages in Japanese explaining who I am, why I was calling and telephone number for a return call.

Got no response, so I handed the 2 cases back to the person they were originally assigned to. Told her that in my opinion, both households where probably shut-ins, who want absolutely nothing to do with the outside world. Oh well, got to bill them for 30 minutes of effort.

A bit later, I got a separate call from the local office asking if I was still interested in working for the Census. 'Sure, why not', was my answer.  Can't see that it would be more house visits though.  According to the Census 2010 timeline, home visits including follow up should be done by this month.  Then is the compilation of data and by end of August I think, a report is supposed to be issued to Congress (or was it end of year???).

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4 Responses to Not Quite Finished

  1. Katiebell says:

    Well, you are apparently going to be the census guy for longer than planned! I hope whatever it is that you will be doing is interesting.

  2. An Ex-Expat says:

    Interesting or not, the income is welcome!

  3. Waterbaby says:

    Interesting or not, the income is welcome! – ain't that the truth!

  4. An Ex-Expat says:

    Which is what I told the always 'on' Republican precinct worker/neighbor, who started on about how corrupt the Census has been -despite me telling her I've not witnessed such, that it put money in my pocket.

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