In The Blink on An Eye

Its graduation day today, son right now sleeping late- as usual, but will have to rouse in a couple of hours if he wants to make his graduation ceremony.    It a bit odd that the facilities of another school will be borrowed for the festivities; not enough room at his school.  Then there's an all-night PTA sponsored party tonight as well, a local county sports center is being rented for the evening, but like the prom, son has no interest in going.  A bit sad that, but then I never went to my prom either….


I know I am being sappily sentimental/親ばか, but before one knows it, 



the very first day of school,
















becomes the very last day of school.





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One Response to In The Blink on An Eye

  1. Emjay says:

    He was a little cutie – he hasn't really changed much except get bigger. Hope the graduation goes well today. Congratulations.

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