The Year of the Mighty Seniors- Is Over

Remember that from a poster, featuring a somewhat dejected Capitan America walking away, hung in my high school days after the graduating class for that year was done for their final year.

So it is with son.  Had assumed yesterday was final exam day and that today would be graduation rehearsal and senior picnic, but no, all that was taken care of yesterday.  Asked son, who wore his seniors-only shirt to school on his last day there, how he felt about it all now being over. Did not seem to feel much of anything.

He also brought home the last edition of the school newspaper for the year, which as it always does, lists most of the graduating seniors and where they are off to from here.  As expected, there's a heavy tilt towards the state schools, with a surprising number headed off to the 2-year community college near us.  In the mix too was a sprinkling of some students going to some of the Big Name schools, I'm not going to drop names here. But also in the mix were a large number of smaller schools sprinkled along the East Coast and South, to which one or 2 seniors will enter in the fall.

Military service, the military academies were listed as were some unusual choices. One senior is headed towards a place called The Fat Toad Farm in New England as an apprentice, 3 have elected to go to college abroad, in British Vancouver, Switzerland and Tel Aviv.  One will go to some marine school in Maine (hmmm had I known about that place in my senior year……….), another I am guessing aspires to be a chef as the next stop will be The Inn at Little Washington, a well-known, high end restaurant about an hour west of here.

As for son, He didn't check very carefully, but one kid will be in a school maybe 40 minutes away from where he'll be attending- a kid who for his senior year, literally took apart a Honda Prelude like we have, right down to the body shell, and put it back together!  That's hard-core gear head.  Another kid will be about an hour away in Columbus, Ohio.

So save for donning the cap and gown on Thursday, there's nothing left for him to do now.  Well there is, I have told him he needs to get cracking on his application for a diversity grant for the school he's going to. A bit weird right now as it would be at this time I'd be bellowing from downstairs upwards to his room, to get out of bed.

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One Response to The Year of the Mighty Seniors- Is Over

  1. Waterbaby says:

    The Honda kid – wow. Just wow.

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