Working at Another -Yaaawn- Primary Election

Got a call from the politically active (hyper-active??) neighbor who was "desperate"  -yeah 'cause she can't get anyone else- for someone to be at the polls yesterday.  Not as poll watchers, since it was a Republican primary, but to gather names of those willing to volunteer their time in the November general election.

My shift was the afternoon to poll-closing shift.  At least the weather was perfect and had a good partner (another neighbor, who son has shoveled snow for), cause voter turnout was low; out of precinct with 2,400 some registered voters, only 210 or so came to vote during the entire day. 

I got yet another story from this 'always "on"' neighbor; supposedly during a visit to the now incumbent Congressman (and I hope lame duck after November), one of her friends asked a question of the Congressman, was ignored and then her friend put her hand on the Congressman's arm, which set off an incident in which security was called in.  So, not only is this Congressman corrupt, I am told, he beats up on women, she says.

Sorry, but even though I loathe the Congressman and will shed nary a tear if he's shown the door in November, I have no sympathy here.  Given the times, what was this woman thinking, or has she been isolated in an old fallout shelter for the past 30 or so years?   You don't touch a public officical, ……period.

Also spotted what looked like some Janglish; a button of one of the election officials  which read:





Besides awkward, I grinned inwardly, especially had  'Election' been inadvertently misspelled. 🙂

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