“Are You Always ‘On’?”

Its a line from a recent The Simpsons rerun I was half watching, from a scene in which Monty Burns stuck in a room with Lisa Simpson, tries unsuccessfully to make small innocuous chit chat with her, and when he realizes this is fruitless, he says…..

What brought that to mind was;

  • A call out the blue yesterday afternoon I got from a neighbor, asking me at the last minute (natch) because she "desperately" needs help in tomorrow's Congressional republican primary election.  And besides the plea for help I get an earful of things I have heard before.
  • A snotty post on a blog I look in on once a day, in which the blogress  snipes at the Michigan Governor and legislature for making a symbolic gesture (don't they have better things to do?, she rhetorically asks) last week to right the wrong done to the Detroit Tigers pitcher in being robbed of pitching perfect game. 
  • A post on Facebook, by someone who recommended I 'freind', who on Mother's Day of all days, wrote and posted a diatribe attacking Democratic & liberalism.  Think I need to 'unfreind' this person.
  • Yet another "story' as news about Helen Thomas's  reprehensible comments  with more spin.  -come on, unless you've been in the most remote reaches of the Gobi Desert, you've heard this already, so what's the point of recycling this? (I know what the point is).

Now for my own political views, I loath being categorized- that's one aspect  I think people here are way too anal retentive about; life is too complicated  to be put into neat intellectual boxes.  I suppose if I had to put myself somewhere, I'd say I am a great believer in the works and message of Ayn Rand.  But there is a time for manning the barricades and time for sit on the stoop on a nice summer evening with a homemade cocktail in hand, and just watch the world go by- its a shame there are those who can't make that distinction.

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