Full Circle

Today went to The House to pick up stuff my mother wanted me to have.  Have now some old Chinese prints Hanga and Chinese pottery that has never been appraised and now needs to be, if for no other reason, for replacement purposes.

And there was this



Remember well her story. We were in Japan thinking of getting my mother something nice for her birthday, wanted to get a doll, but all that we had seen were just too pat- too 決まっている for our liking – that is until we saw her.

The store, Kusonoki Ningyou in Nagoya (wonder if they are still in business now?) was nice enough to pack it well and have it shipped case and all by air to the Eastern U.S., where she arrived safe, sound & undamaged.  As I recall the cost of the air freight was slightly more than the cost of the doll and case, which was I think about 4万8千 back then. But it was worth it.  Remember the letter my mother wrote to thank us and I do believe the doll  knocked her off her feet.

So now we have her.  Not sure what we'll do with her; am thinking of making it a donation to the school son will attend.  But anyway, she sits here now.

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4 Responses to Full Circle

  1. Emjay says:

    She is beautiful.

  2. An Ex-Expat says:

    She's done well actually. Been kept out of direct sunlight and in her case for most of the time.

  3. caprandom says:

    Very beautiful! Hope you find her a nice home…

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