No Particular Theme Here, Just Rambling

A slow couple of days here. What is different is that;

1. I now have a new binder of new addresses to check up on for the census meaning more income for time spent doing it. Its a bit farther from home, but I still am familiar wit the area somewhat. After that I and others on the team were told, we are done.

2. Put a 'situation wanted' ad up at a saddlery nearby son's weekend paintball job, looking for a weekend gig for myself at one of the numerous horse farms in the area, but no takers.

3. Discovered a small but very embarrassing error in my resume; I had omitted a  's' off of a word that needs it. Wonder if that has been a factor in not getting any call backs?

4. After many, many reminders and as a final resort, the threat not to drive son to work, he's finally gotten his graduation announcement made, and in a flash of inspiration (?) I took it to a nearby Kinko's, where it was  formatted printed out all for a fraction of the cost the service that works with the school would  have charged. Not a bad job, son's that is…




5. Lil bro has asked me again to take away some of antique the Asian artwork (pottery, paintings) our mother inherited and now we will.  Its never ever been appraised (my mother didn't want to 'deal with' those sort of things) and I'm a bit leery about throwing all into a car and trucking it all down here.  We are going to take possession of a very nice 人形 we gave her when we were living in Japan.

And last,  given the upcoming school schedules, think I may have only one more trip to shuttle son to and from school for his Japanese class!  Yaaaaay!

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