Vindication is Sweet

Had a bit of a dust up last week as with my census worker training and the need to shuttle son between schools, we were short a car.  Got that straightened out, but not after son got all emotional about we(the parents) being clueless as to how the world works and that he could very well park across the street from the school inthe parking lot of a shopping center.  Told him 'no' to that as the car would get towed, to which he loudly accused me of being so negative and always thinking about the worst that could happen


Well well, well,in an e-mail from the school principal this afternoon there was:

"Secondly, some Woodson student cars were towed from the Fair City Mall parking lot at a cost of $150+ per vehicle.

Here is something to consider. We currently have 30 parking spaces available, and because this is fourth quarter, it only costs $50 to park legally at school for the remainder of the year."


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2 Responses to Vindication is Sweet

  1. Waterbaby says:

    Did he see that e-mail? 😉

  2. An Ex-Expat says:

    Nope, But I let him know about it- he was remarkably silent.

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