Census Work and Other Stuff

Guess my luck ran out yesterday in dealing with nice people.  Had 2 very uncooperative citizens to deal with.  One who told me she did not have time for this , was not going to let me in her home (I have never asked anyone to date to be let into their home and frankly, am more comfortable staying outside) and that all I need to know was that 2 American citizens (as opposed to….?) live at the residence.  Another also another woman, told me she'd filled hers out and mailed it in and while she was sure I am a nice person, she was not about to let a stranger into her home (again, I'm not interested in poking my head into her home or anyone else's).

From the 'Here's some Chutzpa for you' Dept.  There's a lot of J-E translation going on concerning my former employer and the troubles they face.  Did some work for a rather large firm a couple of months, who then stiffed me on the work I did as I could not get the translation work into a quirky format they had ( was spending more time trying to reformat than translating).  So what happens yesterday, I'm contacted again and asked to do some straight text translating on same project.  Ok, but then we hit a snag as all work is stored on a dedicated website  and despite much back and forth I could not find the folders to find the files.  So I tell the coordinator -'We're wasting our time'  and in turn am told its MY fault for 1st having VISTA as my operating system and not understanding their system (don't recall going through any tutorials)  Wife is right, I should give these folks a wiiiide berth. Funny though, the head of this organization was written up in the WSJ as one of the more successful businesswomen in America.

From the 'What the Hell is he going to do without me? dept.  Son's alarm rang at 05:30, but he did not rise. Waited, waited, and waited, finally within time running very short and he still not up, had to roust him out of bed. Told him he'll be in for a rude shock one day when he's on his own in college.

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2 Responses to Census Work and Other Stuff

  1. Waterbaby says:

    {rolls eyes at Here's Some Chutzpa for You Dept. segment}. A painful reminder why I'm glad to be free of corporate/company crap.

  2. An Ex-Expat says:

    Yeah but I am half kicking myself on the loss income.

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