Census Taking: Day One

Had another half day of soul-sucking training yesterday than then in the afternoon, out onto the streets for census taking.  Was quite a bust actually.  Only got one completed and that was by proxy on a house I've seen in various stages of construction for quite some time.

The first house was no answer and I think it was because it is a Muslim household and being such, the lady of the house is not going to open the door and speak to a man she doesn't know.  At another household, it was painfully obvious no English is spoken and another census taker will have to pay them a visit. At yet another, the son answered the door- parents were out, but if he was 15 or older, he'll do for the census, but he said he wasn't, so…

In this case and in other cases where there was no answer, I leave a Notice of Visit card on which is a contact number, ask to be contacted to set up a time to complete the form, either in person or by phone.

Am troubled by the caution on the extremes we were given on household privacy. The example of knocking on the door, finding the occupants smoking weed, calling the police and then getting fired was brought up again. We were told that no matter what we see, be it spouse, child, animal abuse or whatever, as far as you the census taker is concerned, it isn't happening.  I find that extreme a bit out there in left looney field and if in my rounds I come across such, job be damned, I'd report it.

Am to report to my crew leader today, at a local McDonald's to submit my paperwork including time sheet. The extra cash of course will be very wlecome; I can now get the new glasses I need so badly.  He said in an e-mail he wants to accompany us on our rounds this Sunday- Mother's Day.  Wrote back to say that in out training, we were advised to avoid going out on that day….. Personally I'd be none-too-pleased to see a census worker at my door on Mother's Day.

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3 Responses to Census Taking: Day One

  1. Emjay says:

    I happened to be outside when they came knocking on my (deceased-now-for-sale) neighbour's house. I said "no-one lives there" and so then had to do the whole proxy thing which actually I was a little reluctant to do. She then said "oh, I have a form for you too" – No, I mailed ours in. I look closely at the forms and see there is one for the number of the house; one for the number of the house with an A on the end; and one for the number of the house with a B. Very confusing. I'm not sure now what the address label was on the form I sent back.
    And I certainly would not like anyone knocking on my door on Mother's Day – not necessarily because it is Mother's Day but because it's a Sunday and that's my relax and regroup day.

  2. An Ex-Expat says:

    Right, for me and others, if their data shows 2 sperate hosuing units at the same address, that's the way its labeled we were told. Also we were told that even if a form was sent back in, the cernsus taker is there as the mailed in form was not received in time before the gears of this machine began to turn.

  3. Waterbaby says:

    Expect Mother's Day is not the best day to be taking the census!

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