Paycheck and Another Faux Hickey

Son finally has his first real pay check as he came in during the middle of a pay cycle. 


For the time he's worked, his net is, well not all that great; he's only getting $7.25 an hour and  he also lost about $70.00 in deductions (welcome to the working stiff's world, bub), which is high partly because someone in payroll made a mistake in the deductions he's claimed, which is listed as zero- which should be 1.  But he'll get all his federal and state taxes back next year – the Social "Security" has gone down the bottomless pit never to be seen by him again.


He also got shot- again, in the neck during a game, (the photo, chinzty Vox let me put in the photo library, but won't let me upload on to this post) raising another welt that he's worried will be mistaken as a hickey and be given grief over when he returns back to school on Monday.

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