One page one, large and up front in this morning's e-edition of  my news source of choice is the story of my former employer, Large International automobile Manufacturer # 1's  apparent decision to pay up and not contest the 16 million + ( or about 15億円) fine the government has levied on it over the gas pedal issue.


Curious as to how the story is being handed by the J-press, went to the Asahi's J-site and the Chunichi Shimbun's website.  Not a peep on the Asahi site and the news was somewhat buried on the Chunichi's site.


So is this being treated as a non-event there or are both newspapers a bit slow to keep their website updated with the latest news?



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One Response to Instructive

  1. Waterbaby says:

    hmmm, could be either – or both!

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