Dead Mouse





Ha!  and you thought it was something else!


The mouse is a Dell mouse, that came with our current PC. I've been fairly satisfied with Dell computers, but the add ons, their keyboards (waaay too small,) printers (don't get me started on those!) and the mouse are other things.  The mouse started to behave quite badly, sending a double click signal when in fact, it had been clicked only once, wreaking havoc in my e-mail address book (erased names I did not want to) and adding difficulty to that translation job.


So we have a new, H-P mouse and the double click issue has been solved.


While son & I were out looking for a new mouse yesterday, we stopped at Best Buy and looked at laptops.  Son does not have one, but will need one for college.  Thought I was pleasantly  surprised to see that all we well under $1,000. I had seen stuff on Dell's website as high as $4,000. The big but was the laptops we saw did not have any software installed, save for the Windows operating system. So adding stuff like Office Suite or whatever, will bump the price past $1,000 easily. 

I guess the determining factor for whatever I get for him will be how much memory should a college kid's laptop PC have to last 4 years and which of the brands out there offers the best battery life for their laptops?


This morning, saw another ad for the Apple iPad and suggested to son that why not consider this instead of a PC laptop.  Got 2 derisive snorts to that. One was that according to him the iPad is not more than a glorified iTouch and should not even be considered in the same breath as a laptop computer, and second, how dare I suggest an Apple product to him as they are in his opinion, "pieces of shit".

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2 Responses to Dead Mouse

  1. Waterbaby says:

    I'm of no help with PCs, I'm a diehard Mac-er from day one long ago.

  2. An Ex-Expat says:

    Don't ask me why he's so anti Mac, he's./we've never owned one. Liem anything a Mac has its plues & Minues. I like the screens, the graphics, not much experince with the Mac software, and there;'s not much out there in terms of malware that will attack a Mac. I also lioke the neat all in one screen the macs now have. No clutter with a PC toer BUT you are also stuck with what you've got, kinda lke a marriage. You ccannot like you can with a PC break open the inNards and swap out memery chips for upgrades as you can with a PC.

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