I Gotta Get Me Some New Glasses

Am in the midst of a J-E translation (another "rush" job) which irony of ironies involves stuff from a former employer.  Being so the content is really close to home and could otherwise breeze through it except for every minute I spend translating I spend another 7 or 8 minutes having to mess with the template I was given.  In a way I wish I had said 'no thanks'  Asked for and got a wee bit more money for my labors too (like a half a cent per word), but I now see (no pun intended) that I need new glasses.


I've put this off due to our situation deferring stuff like eye exams and new contacts for son.  But the strain this has put on my eyes is intense and I find myself fatiguing quickly and not being able to plow through the files as I'd like to.

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One Response to I Gotta Get Me Some New Glasses

  1. Waterbaby says:

    Been there. So been there – for years! The world looks remarkably improved and clear with the right prescription. I hope you'll get one soon!

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