Dawg Tired

Another trip to Ohio to see what in terms of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ the college that has accepted son can do for him and the results were very encouraging, but a gap still to fill.  Son though  is being very uncommunicative about where he wants to do and have tried to impress upon him that he needs to make up his mind soon for us to get moving on the $$$ front.

It was a 9 hour one-way trip to and then a 5 hour -stay over at an aunt's- 5 hour trip back.  Needless to say I was bone marrow tired as moi did the driving (neither wife nor son has shown any inclination to learn to use a stick shift). 

Eating at my aunt's is always an adventure:  We were whipping up some mashed potatoes and were about to add the milk from an already opened container, when something did not smell happy.  Looked for the sell by date on the jug and saw it was 03/05.  Discreetly poured the remaining milk down the sink.  This morning, saw a package of quick mix scones but saw its sell by date passed 4 years ago.  Is it any wonder why son does not want to eat there?  Still she is funny.  Bro Pound Salt stopped by last night and as he made to leave she got up.  He told her to stay in her chair, that he can see himself out the door, to which she replied, "I'm making sure you go out the door".

Then we had drama last night, son spent too much time on the Xbox and his mother wanted him to come up to dinner (I was in bed) he didn't she screamed and threw another tantrum (and she is how old?!)  Kicked over the box that holds the dog food and the spilled contents remain on the floor as they are.  She made the mess, she cleans it up.  Told son his mother has a serious anger issues, but he for his part should not have headed down to the basement for the Xbox within an hour of arriving home.

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2 Responses to Dawg Tired

  1. Waterbaby says:

    Fun family times, eh. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ – lol, how many is that? {counts 14}

  2. An Ex-Expat says:

    Yeah, but when son & I got back home from his weekly quartet lesson, I saw the physcial results from the tantrum, the spilt dog food, had been cleaned up.

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