Back to Normal

Well the funeral is over with. The service was a bit disconcerting and a reminder of why I haven't set foot in that church since Jr. High- very unuplifting: fire and brimstone Calvinist stuff that did not resonate with me at least. Sad to see how infirm the remaining generation of my mothers side of the family are- but they have their wits with them. One aunt was in her stride barking or trying to orders to us young 'uns. Son handled himself well too and in fact his strong muscles were needed for the pallbearing -the coffin was quite heavy (or I've become quite weak).

It was also weird having a bunch of elderly ladies come up saying 'Oh and you are ____!" 'Ooooookaaay, and you are who?!' my mind raced.

Have no idea what my mother decided to do with her estate. The house is an absolute wreck. She was never much of a homemaker and her side of the family hoards with a vengeance, as does youngest brother. Told bro. Pound Salt it'll take at least a good month to clean, sort and dispose of the accumulated 'stuff" Perhaps out of living in Japan I try to keep the clutter in the house to a minimum.

And of all the things to happen;  during the viewimg, the cellphone rang (Okay, should have had it shut off) and it was a headhunter in CA who I have spoken with in the past calling. Told her we needed to speak another day.

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2 Responses to Back to Normal

  1. Your comment : 'Oh and you are ____!" 'Ooooookaaay, and you are who?!' my mind raced. " brought back memories from my Dad's funeral when all these distant relations kept coming up and saying "I bet you don't know who I am?" and just leave me hanging. In the end I just said "No, who are you?" Then they went into "I'm your cousin's sister's brother's uncle's neice" and I almost contemplated climbing into the grave with Dad.

  2. An Ex-Expat says:

    Hah, Hah. It wasn't that bad, but yes, it would have been nice if they had come up and started with, "You may not remember me, I'm_______ "

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