Sunday Morning, Waiting for the Pot to Boil

While I wait for the water to boil so I may start my morning coffee ritual, I spotted a couple of decent articles this morning.


One from the WaPo, is a surprisingly good, objective (and being that its in the WaPo, makes it all that more a surprise) piece, written by an engineer/journalist about the complexity and process of vehicle design and manufacture;  is a long process and involves more that torquing down bolts on an assembly line with impact wrenches and it does not lend itself to provided intelligent answers in a 5 minute Q & A  in front of  some Congressional panel. 


No water carrier for Large International Automobile Manufacturer #1  is he, but more a voice of reason in a very charged environment.


The second caught my eye not so much for the content, but for some new (at least to me) words that have found theuir way into spoken Japanese

Sugomori (nesting) is a word that sounds only vaguely familiar while the other, soshoku-kei danshi (grass-eating men) is a new one on me.  Shouldn't be surprised, all languages, living ones at least are in a continual state of evolution. 


Showed that apt in town to yet another interested party yesterday afternoon and should have a free day today.  Son got another letter of acceptance yesterday, from a school closer in. Thing is he's not bothered to set foot on campus hand thus has no idea whether he'd like it there.  His task is to call and set up a time to visit the campus next weekend, or he can forget about going there.

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