Out of the Blue

The phone rang this afternoon, no caller ID displayed, probably a telemarketer I think.


Nope, it was some attorney calling he said from NY, telling me he represents clients who now have issues with Large International Automobile Manufacturer's #1 products, and would I please tell him about certain aspects of LIAM #1's operations.


Told him I really had little to say.  For one thing I was only there from 2005 to 2007(U.S. operations, that is) and even while there, I  did not ask a whole lot of questions about that part of the team's work out of lack of interest. Should have in retrospect, asked how my name popped up, but I guess I am not that hard to find.


As son is old enough to know about and understand what is going on here, I told him later about the call.  Also told him that its probably not the last lawyer I'll hear from but that I know very little and it is in my interest to distance myself as far as possible from the mess LIAM#1 now faces.  Son's less than worldly reaction  was I would have my 15 minutes of fame to which I replied, that sort of 'fame' I do not need.

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