Apartment Showing

Spent the weekend at an apt. owned by a neighbor, to prospective tenants.  The current tenant is still there and will be until the end of the month and the landlord wants new tenants in by April 1st, which I believe is not being very realistic.

I was stood up for the most part on Saturday but Sunday was better.  Had a chuckle to myself as one groups was a bunch of dudes like the Doritos, Miller Lite Man's Rules type dudes. Thought that with the very 'crunchy' tenant in the upstairs efficiency, if these dudes get the apt., things might get 'interesting'.

But getting back to the landlord, I took pictures of the apt, sent them and she flipped a bit.  The first, the shrubbery in front of the apt. and some bamboo in the back from an adjoining home, needs to be cleaned up.  Sure it would have been best to have it cleaned up before I showed the apt., but the snow has just now finally melted enough to get to this.  There's a rodent issue, which I did caution about before.  Saw mouse traps out in the kitchen, asked and was told that yes there is a mouse/mice who the tenant believes after speaking to the owner of the home next door (its a row house) that the rodents are coming in from the house next door.  There's a small section of peeling paint and rotted molding, from water, but from where?  The tenant claims they only knew of this after a table was moved away.  A to rot the molding the water had to be present for a long time.  A wall to wall rug has puckered a bit and 2 water valves need replacing.

Given that, the landlord is upset that the apt. was/is not ready for showing. But then the landlord also put an ad on-line for prospective tenants to come and look for this weekend, without asking what shape the apt. is in.  And despite the flaws (which of course will be remedied), which to me at least are not that obivious, I believe the apt. shows better in its lived-in condition that if it was pristine but devoid of any furniture.

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  1. Hutcheson98 says:

    Serving as a landlord is undoubtedly a respected career

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