Sushi 祭り

The store where wife works, had a Friday- Saturday (why not Sunday too?) sushi fest with stuff flown in straight from 築地 the night before (I know as I asked).  Quite the roaring success with many Japanese coming (thanks in part to a posting the wife made on the local Japanese language website) to see the store for the first time.  Comments on the note wife made on the website were quite positive too.

Prices?  Well maguro @ $24.99 a pound is high and a Japanese friend of wife's complained to me about the high prices.  That sort of complaining I find very annoying and spoils the fun.  Sure the prices are high, but when you consider where and how (by plane) it all came from……duuuh? I mean no one was holding a gun to anyone's head to force anyone to buy……..


Wish I had some photos, but the store management like many stores in America, frowns upon photo-taking inside the store.

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