Some Good News- Sort of

Thought I'd take a break from Tales from Large International Automobile Manufacturer #1 as either I am a poor story teller, or while I may find these stories amusing even to this day, there may be a collective yaaaaaawn out there.


Son got a very thick envelop from another school.  It's good news but then…..



He's been accepted into the School of Arts & Sciences, not the School of Engineering, which is what he applied to.  Finally after pestering him  for a week and yesterday having to bellow at him (last resort); he called the school and was told he's been accepted in the School of Arts & Sciences as his grades (has a sterling 2nd quarter report card) are good but his SAT/ACT scores were……  Bit back the 'Told you you should have been better prepared for the SAT/ACT', the letter perhaps will drive home that message, and hell its too late now.

So while he's yet to hear from the in-state schools, he has a choice. Spend his freshman year in a holding pattern to prove he should be admitted into the School of Engineering or…….

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2 Responses to Some Good News- Sort of

  1. Emjay says:

    What local schools is he considering/waiting on?

  2. An Ex-Expat says:

    The usual suspects. GMU is out as its engineering school is very heavily weighted towards computer stuff -which is not where son's head is at. He's waiting on UVA, V Tech, JMU and a couple of others

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